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as of September 2022


Happy Independence Day

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Coronation Day of His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni 

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Commemoration Day of King Father Norodom Sihanouk 
(October 15, 2012 - October 15, 2022)

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King Norodom Sihamoni's Birthday

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The Queen Mother’s Donation Changes Lives

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On November 24, 2021, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sadin YAN and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kruy LIM of the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH) had the great honor to receive a very generous donation of US$220,000 from Her Majesty Queen Mother Monineath Sihanouk.

The formal ceremony was presided by Samdech Chaufea Veang Kong Sam Ol, the Royal Palace Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister. This charitable gift will be used to purchase essential equipment such as a new x-ray machine, a heart ultrasound machine, and a new ambulance. These donations will greatly enhance patient diagnoses and health management to those suffering in poverty who come to this hospital to receive high-quality, free and affordable care.

On behalf of SHCH management and staff, we extended our deepest gratitude to Her Majesty Queen Mother Monineath Sihanouk and His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni for their boundless compassion, care, and dedication to supporting the poor and those in need in Cambodia. Last but not least, we send our best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen Mother and His Majesty the King for their good health, happiness, and long lives to serve the Cambodian people.

The great sadness of losing Founding Board Members,
Chairperson of Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH)

Mr. Bernard Krisher, chairman of World Assistance for Cambodia, Founding Board Member, Chairman of Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope, publisher of The Cambodia Daily, and former Newsweek Tokyo bureau chief, died at the age of 87 on the 5th of March at a hospital in Tokyo.

Mr. Krisher founded the non-profits that built schools and a hospital. His rural school's project has, to date, built over 560 state schools across every province.

The projects that became closest to his heart were the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH) that provides free medical care to the poor and an educational center for foster children, orphans, and children from remote villages that don't have a high school. 

It is with great sadness losing a remarkable man who devoted his life to the Cambodian people. Our hospital leaders and staff express our gratitude, sympathy, and respect.




I truly appreciate the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH), providing free treatment to poor and needy patients for more than 20 years.


The hospital honors the surname of His Majesty the King Father Norodom Sihanouk, who lives on in the hearts of poor Cambodians throughout the Kingdom.

​I regularly provide generous gifts to support life-saving care for poor patients at SHCH and encourage the Ministry of Health to continue cooperating with the hospital in its mission to the poor.

I hope that the SHCH will have lasting sustainability for the Cambodian people.

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