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How can you help?

50USD provides lifesaving support for acute care in Medical Ward.
100USD provides emergency lifesaving care for unstable patients in Emergency Care.
500USD provides support for a major operation.



Donating Medications and Supplies


Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH) welcomes in-kind donations from volunteers and partners. We work hard to ensure all donations are high-quality and meet our safety standards. If you are interested in donating,

there are two ways to do so:

Bringing donations with you to Cambodia

If you are visiting Cambodia and have extra room in your suitcase, we welcome donations
of large-quantity medications (i.e., 200+ tablets) that have at least 12 months before the expiration date. Unfortunately are unable to accept any expired medications without prior approval.
You will either need to take them back to your home country with you,
donate to another facility, or cover the cost of destroying the expired medications.

Supplies (i.e., gauze, pleur-evacs, sutures, gloves) can be donated even if expired and are in urgent need.


Please have a look at our wish list for current needs!

Shipping containers of donations (large quantities) SHCH can facilitate customs
clearance of sea shipments, as long as all contents are donations for the hospital.


Payment of shipping and clearance is the responsibility of the donor, except in special circumstances.

Please get in touch with us early in the process to confirm if we can accept the shipment and discuss logistics.


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